Fontys Online EntryGame 2020

The EntryGame is a cooperative game for up to five players that offers a special gaming experience for the start of studies at Fontys Venlo University of Applied Sciences. This EntryGame allows you to bring the excitement, intensity, and team-spirit of an escape game to your virtual classroom.

In this EntryGame, your team starts out sitting at Restaurant Hagerhof near Fontys. While you are enjoying some drinks, you are listening to a conversation by a man and a woman at the table next to you. As it turns out they are professors at Fontys talking about the closing time for registration at Fontys this evening and the number of new students for this year so far. Suddenly all of you became clear, that you have done the paper work for registration at Fontys but somehow missed the electronic registration. You are asking the two professors for help. With a little smile on their face they say: „Of course we can help. There are some students who missed out the electronic registration every year. But we do not make this task too easy for you guys…!

Follow the hints and start at Begraafplaats Venlo Graveyard at the grave stone of Freudenthal. This will lead you the way inside of Fontys to the central PC, where you may register yourself. The clock is ticking: It is 11.00 pm and you must solve all the riddles as fast as you can because deadline for registration at Fontys is 11.59 pm tonight. After successful registration there is only one way out of Fontys. Make sure to leave the building without being catched by security. They start with the big security check through out the building at 0:30 am.“

You have to solve a series of riddles and puzzles in order to unlock doors and reveal new riddles. Each correct solution brings you to another riddle and eventually to a successful registration at Fontys Venlo University of Applied Sciences and to the exit of the building in time.

Get ready to test your creative problem solving and logical thinking skills. There is no rulebook in this EntryGame. Right from the start it is up to your team to discover for yourself which steps you take, what the clues are, how to decipher them, and how to move on. Can you crack the codes and manage to solve your mission?


  • All information concerning your task are located on the virtual workspace. You will get the link from the facilitator. Please be patient, it may take some time for full resolution of the board. Sometimes you need to move some elements on the board.
  • On this webpage you will proove your answers. The right solutions are always figures. If there is more than one task at a place you need to answer all at once.
  • If your group has the feeling that one riddle lasts too long you may use the hint function. Click on „Decode“ at the place you are. For each wrong or missing code you get the number of the hint that will help you move on. Please use them only if you get a suggestion of the system. Otherwise you will „kill“ the fun in your group.


    At the moment there is no security. But be alerty, they may appear every minute…

          You think you have time for a coffee???

          Time is running – please go to the next scene of your adventure.

            You hear the security talking and discussing who will go for the next security check. Hurry up, they will come very soon!


              You will get information about right hints if necessary. Otherwise just enjoy the game.

              Each triangle follows the same rules. Add base figures and multiply with the top figure. (Solution: next number in this list)


              Calculation: (2 + „7“) x 4 = 36

              Connect equal symbols with straight lines, e.g. heart with heart. Shade enclosed areas between the lines with bats in it. Two figures will appear. (Solution: next number in this list)


              Look at the parking area as you would stay in front of the car (top to down view). (Solution: next number in this list)


              The parking slots are numbered with raising numbers, starting with 86. 86 is the single parking slot next to the car.  To see the solution you need to rotate the picture by 180°.

              Decoding: „Connect the letters in ascending order but skip over every second. Start with B. Do not forget below right hand corner.“ (Further hint: next number in this list)

              Hidden in the puzzle you will find small red letters. Connect B-D-F-… (Solution: next number in this list)


              Connecting the letters starting with „B“ shows a 6.

              Have a look at the „bar code“ on the bellow right hand corner. Can you see the textual request? Change your perspective on your screen. Have a look on it from the very left. (Solution: next number in this list)


              The „bar code“ requests you to calculate „Two plus five“. 2+5 = 7.

              The staff member of the Student Service Center Venlo translated „learn“ into several languages spoken in the European Union. Use to find over 30 translations. The corresponding countries of the searched languages are marked red on the map. (Further hint: next number in this list)

              If you collected all right translations and putted those to the right place you will get the following solution: „add all figures“. Those are the right word in the right order:

              learn (GBR), apprendre (FRA), aprender (PRT), imparare (ITA), tanul (HUN), leren (NED), foghlaim (IRL), oppia (FIN), lära sig (SWE), estudiar (ESP), lernen (GER), lære (DEN), mokytis (LTU)

              (Further hint: next number in this list)

              „Add all figures“ of the contact details. (Solution: next number in this list)


              3+1+8+8+5+7+6+2+2 = 42

              Bring the books into the right order. Please consider the shadows and have a close look at the fat letters of the authors. (Solution: next number in this list)


              The fat letters from top to down form the words „zero nine“.

              Decode the message. It is a morse code. (Further hint: next number in this list)

              „Which book is missing? Code the first letter of the second word of the title with the coding from the entry hall.“ (Further hint: next number in this list)

              You find almost all recommanded literature in the pile of books. „The Big Five for Life“ is misssing. Code „B“ („first letter of the second word of the title“) with the coding you used in the entry hall. (Solution: next number in this list)


              A = 1, B = 2, …

              There are three sign versions (left, right or straight arm) of each kind of circle (full, half or empty). Which combination is missing? (Solution: next number in this list)


              It is the empty circle with the left arm.

              Use the decoding assistance.  Each sign represents a single letter. The form of the sign corresponds to a part of the decoding system. E.g. the first sign represents „F“. (Further hint: next number in this list)

              „Founding year of Fontys“ (Solution: next number in this list)


              Founding year of Fontys is 1996.

              Connect equal symbols (e.g. hearts or triangles). It is not allowed to crosss the connections or to use any empty space twice. Start by connecting the hearts with a straight line. Connect the two horizontal eights allong the boarder of the big square. (Solution: next number in this list)

              The key bit is moving up the loose gibs in a lock. The right level is marked by the horizontal broken line. The top end of the dark gibs have to be moved up untill this level. (Solution: next number in this list)


              The first gib has to be moved very highly, the second has already the perfect level.


              Because C = A – C, A = 2 x C

              Because A=2 x C and A = C x B, B=2

              Because B + 2 = D, D = 4

              Because D = A/B,  4 = A/2, A=8

              Because A/B = C, 8/2 = C, C = 4

              Bonus riddle:

              Have a look at the hints – what number does not fit?

              Playful Insights - Systemisch. Spielerisch. Wow.